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“A Significant Amount Of Libertarians Seem Downright Delusional On Politics” Says Zoltan Istvan

“Get A Grip On Reality, Libertarians – Win Some Elections” exclaims the title of California gubernatorial candidate for the Libertarian Party, Zoltan Istvan in his new Op-Ed for The Daily Caller. Due to his belief in the Scientific Method, Istvan states that he believes that he is “realistic” […]

POLL RESULTS: Larry Sharpe Overwhelming Favorite; Kokesh Favorite Among Current Candidates

The Libertarian Vindicator’s “Way Too Early” Presidential Poll yielded many interesting results in regard to the currently announced candidates and those who have said they are interested or speculated to run. Among the four current candidates (Cecil Anthony Ince, Adam Kokesh, Zoltan Istvan and Donald Eugene Lowe), the […]

POLL: Way Too Early LP Presidential Candidate Poll

Note: Polling is now closed. With 2018 now upon us, only two years remain until the Libertarian Party will again put forth a candidate for President of the United States. Already, four party members have put their names into consideration, hinting at another competitive primary. Below, we’ve included […]

Zoltan Istvan To Run For 2020 LP Presidential Nomination

Transhumanist author and current Libertarian candidate for Governor of California Zoltan Istvan, mentioned that he intends to run in 2020 to be the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate during an interview with 71republic. Istvan explained this while discussing his platform of providing universal basic income through land dividends stating “This […]

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