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LP Concedes Ballot Access In Alabama

As the 2018 election gets underway, many state affiliates of the Libertarian Party are diligently gathering signatures to place their candidates on their state’s ballot and potentially secure ballot access for the future. Ballot access gained now can ensure that less resources have to be dedicated in 2020 […]

12 Libertarians Wins 2017 Elections

The year after a presidential election is usually a quiet time for politics with few people even feigning interest in getting out to vote on their city and state legislator who either became a part of the newly elected president’s administration or live in one of the few […]

Libertarian Party Seeking To Hire Press Secretary

In a recent update by Libertarian Party Executive Director Wes Benedict, the party is looking to hire a Press Secretary, so that more events like Nicholas Sarwark being interviewed on Glenn Beck can happen. In order to accomplish this, the party would need to raise the budget by $15,000. Donations […]

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