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Meet Joshua Smith, Candidate For Libertarian Party Chairman

With the upcoming 2018 Libertarian Party Convention in New Orleans looming ahead, it’s time for party members to think if now is the time for a change in leadership. Coming off the most successful presidential campaign ever, many within the party are starting to wonder if the reason for […]

WA Libertarian State Senate Candidate Advances to November Election

Edit: The original article stated that Michelle Darnell beat a Republican in the primary, but she beat an independent. Michelle Darnell, a Libertarian running for Washington’s District 48 Senate seat, received more votes than the Republican candidates allowing her to be one of the two candidates listed on […]

Spotlight on Libertarians: Ed Pace, Spokane Valley City Council

This week’s Spotlight on Libertarians will be about Ed Pace, Councilman for Spokane Valley, Wash. Councilman Pace was elected in 2013, running on a platform of making spending cuts in everywhere but roads and public safety, and reducing costs and increasing efficiency of government services. When asked about […]

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