Breaking News: Iran Attacks Airbases in Iraq That House American Soldiers

Breaking News: Check for further updates as available  7:50 PM ET: A second round of missiles reportedly launched. This may be the strikes in Irbil. Camp Taji was also reportedly hit, no confirmation yet.  Iran suggests US forces should be withdrawn from Iraq. 7:40 PM ET: US F-35 planes took off from a base in UAE. Iran... Continue Reading →

The U.S. Embassy Attacked in Iraq; Trump Beating the War Drum

Americans woke up this morning to the news that the United States Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq was under attack from militia members protesting the United States. While an attack on our embassy is cause for extreme concern and should be defended at all cost what we don't need is for our leaders jumping the gun... Continue Reading →

The ‘Afghanistan Papers’ Confirm The Worst Fears About America’s Longest War

It has been 18 years since the United States entered into war with the country of Afghanistan. Following the attacks of September 11th, this country engaged in hostile confrontation with a people that most Americans had never heard of. A breeding round for radical Islamic terror groups the country of Afghanistan has been a forgotten... Continue Reading →

May The 4th Be With You & May We Stop Wars!

Today is the celebrated May the 4th day in the United States.  The Star Wars saga brought hope and anger to the world that was deeply involved in the Cold War at the time of its creation. As Americans celebrate this day and cheer the lasting legacy of the Star Wars franchise let us stop... Continue Reading →

Donald Trump’s Alarming Expansion of Presidential War Powers

by Robert J. Bentley With the United States Congress distracted by health care and supreme court confirmations, the sitting President is on the verge of expanding the power of the President twofold and most in the Congress could care less. With the most recent missile strike into Syria, the new President ignored the advice and consent... Continue Reading →

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