Nicholas Sarwark Votes No, Vohra Suspension Motion Fails

Chairman Nicholas Sarwark voted no last night on the motion to suspend Arvin Vohra, thus the motion failed. Sarwark stated that while he found the rhetoric "disgusting", and he would have fired Vohra would he have been an employee of his, he felt that he should not supersede who the delegates chose. "I would not... Continue Reading →

LNC Members Ask Vohra To Resign Before Final Vote

With Jim Lark's no vote on the motion to suspend and remove Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra, multiple members of the Libertarian National Committee have asked that Vohra step down suggesting that the members believe the motion will fail with the final vote falling on Chairman Nicholas Sarwark. "[...] there are solid good faith positions all... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Jim Lark Votes No On Vohra Suspension

Region 5 Representative Jim Lark voted no Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra's suspension and removal making the final decision fall on the shoulders of Chairman Nicholas Sarwark. Lark stated I hope all is well with you. I am writing to provide some information about a couple of matters. 1) In a separate message I shall send... Continue Reading →

How The Arvin Vohra Suspension Vote Could Go Today

Update: Jim Lark votes no on motion. With 11 voting for Arvin Vohra's suspension and removal, those who have not voted have a weighty decision to make today. Here's some possible scenarios depending on how the votes turn out: If Region 5 Representative Jim Lark fails to get his vote in, then his vote will... Continue Reading →

Breaking: Arvin Vohra To Remain LNC Vice Chair

The vote to removed Libertarian National Committee Vice Chair Arvin Vohra resulted in him remaining in his position. According to previous LP Vice Presidential candidate Alicia Dearn, the vote was 8 for suspension and 8 against, with the censure vote being 9 for and 7 against. A two-thirds vote was required for the motions to... Continue Reading →

No Vote Is A Wasted Vote; Don’t Let Ignorance Take Hold in November

The 2016 Presidential election has been like no other. We have seen the worst in people and in rare cases the best. The leading candidates for the Democrats and Republicans are dividing this country in ways that it has never experienced and there are a great many in this country that are turning away from... Continue Reading →

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