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Joe Paschal Issues Apology To Joshua Smith

In response to the recent allegations between Joshua Smith and Tinisha Paschal, former Vice Chairman candidate and Montana Libertarian Joe Paschal’s wife, Mr. Paschal released this statement: “Tinisha and I have spoken with Joshua Smith about this whole mess and we have taken care of the matter among us as […]

How The Arvin Vohra Suspension Vote Could Go Today

Update: Jim Lark votes no on motion. With 11 voting for Arvin Vohra’s suspension and removal, those who have not voted have a weighty decision to make today. Here’s some possible scenarios depending on how the votes turn out: If Region 5 Representative Jim Lark fails to get […]

Vohra Suspension Vote Currently At 11

The motion to suspend and remove Libertarian National Committee Vice Chairman Arvin Vohra has currently 11 affirmative votes from the committee’s representatives Yes Caryn Ann Harlos Daniel Hayes Elizabeth Van Horn Jeff Hewitt Sam Goldstein Tim Hagan Whitney Bilyeu Alicia Mattson Bill Redpath Joshua Katz Justin O’Donnell No […]

Motion To Suspend Arvin Vohra Has Chance To Pass

A Facebook note shared by Libertarian Party National Committee Secretary candidate Caryn Ann Harlos stated that she will be making a motion to suspend and one to remove Arvin Vohra as Vice Chairman of the LNC. The motion to suspend is currently cosponsored by 7 other members of […]

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