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The Time Has Come For Libertarian Party To Boot Vermin Supreme

The biggest struggle that the Libertarian Party has had for years is getting people to take them seriously. Four years ago during the national convention they had a guy dress down almost complete naked and dance on stage which was televised on national television. Now they have allowed […]

Vermin Supreme Wins the New Hampshire Libertarian Party State Convention Nomination Poll

We have criticized the Libertarian Party for not being serious enough for voters because they have allowed Vermin Supreme to run for President under their party banner. We have been assured that it is all just a joke and the LP can be taken seriously. We now have […]

Vermin Supreme: The Reason the Libertarian Party Will Never Be Taken Seriously

Credibility. That is the key word in American politics and sometimes the Libertarian Party loses it when they prop up candidates like Vermin Supreme. About 95% of Libertarians know it is a joke to have a candidate like Vermin Supreme running under the party banner and then there […]

Arvin Vohra Defends the Inclusion of Vermin Supreme in the Libertarian Party

By Arvin Vohra Earlier this week, the editor of The Libertarian Vindicator published an article entitled “Vermin Supreme is What’s Wrong with the Libertarian Party”. He argued, essentially, that allowing Vermin Supreme in the presidential debates ruins our credibility as a political party. The test of free speech […]

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