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Whistleblower leaks video of Twitters’ Dorsey saying actions will be ‘much bigger’ than Trump ban

Twitter banned President Trump the other day after it was determined that his tweets and actions on the social media platform were instrumental in the mob riot on the Capitol. Following that ban it was very apparent that a purge was taking place on Twitter as multiple right […]

Lauren Boebert Twitter Account Temporarily Blocked

While the House of Representatives was debating the impeachment of President Trump, newly elected Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) was temporarily blocked from Twitter. She posted the following image to Instagram. It appeared that it was only blocked for a short time since she was able to send out […]

Twitter Shares in Decline After Mass Purging of Conservative Accounts

Following the ban of Donald Trump on Twitter the social media outlet has been on somewhat of a purge of accounts that are conservative/libertarian in nature. Here at The Liberty Herald we have noticed a sharp decrease in followers since last week. Now, news is breaking that shares […]

Did Twitter Invoke the 25th Amendment?

Last night we witnessed something the Presidential cabinet and Vice President have yet been unable to accomplish. Power was stripped away from the President of the United States, but it didn’t come from our highest ranking government officials, but rather it came from behind a computer screen when […]

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