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62% Say Third Party is Needed. Highest Mark To Date

Support for Third U.S. Political Party at High Point You hear it every election cycle. America needs more choices for President, Senate, Congress, Governor, etc. However, a third party has yet to gain traction in American politics since before the Civil War because of the money grab that […]

Greens, Libertarians to Sue Over Third Party Barriers

The 2016 Presidential election brought many major successes for the Libertarian Party in terms of ballot access. Governor Gary Johnson gathered enough votes across the nation to guarantee ballot access for the party in over 40 states. However, that success is being threatened by the two major parties […]

Former LP Presidential Candidate Steve Kerbel Starts New Third Party

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Colorado activist Steve Kerbel announced last week the start of the United Independents Party (not to be confused with the United Independent Party from Massachusetts), in order “to build a welcoming home for the largest segment of the U.S. population who are […]

New Poll Finds That 71% of Millennials Want a Third Political Party

Most people would agree that there needs to be a change in our political system. Every election cycle we all complain that the choices we have for President are not to our satisfaction, but in the end, nobody does anything about it and votes for the lesser of […]

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