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The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion

The Satanic Temple Sues Texas Over Abortion The Satanic Temple (TST) has recently filed a lawsuit against the State of Texas alleging that certain state-mandated abortion restrictions violated the religious beliefs of TST members. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of a member referred to as “Ann Doe” […]

Bold Prediction: Joe Biden Wins the State of Texas

Something big is happening in the state of Texas and it doesn’t bode well for the candidate that everyone thinks will win Texas, Donald Trump. First, Texas leads the nation in voter turnout with well over 100% of their total vote in 2016. High turnout is not good […]

Behind The Conservative Plot To Take Over The LP Texas

The Libertarian Party of Texas has been the topic of much drama this past week as screenshots were released showing a plot by conservatives to takeover the party and change it’s platform at the LP Texas’ convention to be pro-life, pro-border control and pro-Texas secession. “A group called […]

“You F***ed With The Wrong Marine” Says Adam Kokesh Upon Release

After being imprisoned for 10 days, Adam Kokesh was released last night to find his motor home ransacked and trashed by the Wise County police. Kokesh was very emotional as he went through his vehicle and gazed at his belongings. Many choice words for the department were expressed, […]

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