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Donald Trump Considering Firing Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has been an stout opponent of liberty through bringing back minimum sentencing, wanting to revoke states legislation for medical marijuana, and restarting the police’s powers of civil asset forfeiture, may soon be out of a job due to his decision to recuse himself […]

Congressmen Introduce Term Limits Constitution Amendment

A House Joint resolution to limit members of the United States Senate to two terms and United States Representatives to six terms was introduced last week. Texas Republican Jodey Arrington and California Democrat Ro Khanna brought the resolution to the floor. Khanna stated that “96% of the folks […]

Gary Johnson: Cruz’s ‘Vote Your Conscience’ Means Vote For Me

Last night Senator Ted Cruz told the Republican National Convention that they should vote their conscience and support the United States Constitution. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for President, agrees with that and suggests that this means vote for him.  He is the sane option in November, and […]

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