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Brett Kavanaugh is Unfit for the Court Not for Sexual Assault but for an Assault on the Fourth Amendment

This past week saw one of the biggest displays of government waste with the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh to be the next associate justice of the Supreme Court. We saw a women make claims about a man from when they were in high school and the United […]

Trump Should Nominate One of the Following Libertarian Minded Judges to Fill Justice Kennedy’s Seat

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced today that he will be retiring from the bench. This announcement paves the way for President Trump to appoint his second Supreme Court justice. With such a historic opportunity here at The Libertarian Vindicator, we have compiled a list of judges that […]

Breaking News: Supreme Court Upholds Trump Travel Ban

In a slap to the freedom to travel the United States Supreme Court has upheld the controversial Trump travel ban. In a 5-4 decison, the court upheld the third version of the ban. Once I read through the opinion I will update the article. Update: From NBC News: […]

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Colorado Baker Who Refused to Bake Cake for Same Sex Couple

The United States Supreme Court has overturned a lower court ruling and handed a victory to the owner of a Colorado bakery that refused to bake a cake for a same sex couple’s wedding. From The Denver Post: WASHINGTON — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday that a Colorado […]

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