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Biden American Rescue Plan Packed Full of Pork

Biden American Rescue Plan Packed Full of Pork No surprise here, but the Biden Administration’s rescue plan for the American people is packed full of pork as usual. The $1.9 Trillion Congressman Peter Meijer (R-MI) pointed out the major flaws in this bill and they include the following: […]

National Debt Nears $28 Trillion as Congress Considers Increasing Stimulus to American People

Congress is in the heat of debate on whether or not to increase the stimulus payments to $2,000 for individuals across this country. The House of Representatives has already passed the measure and the Senate is in the process of considering. What many have failed to consider is […]

$900 Billion Stimulus Bill Packed Full of Pork

Here is no surprise to anyone, but the 5,000 page + stimulus bill equal to $900 Billion is packed full of pork! We just got our hands on the text and we are combing through the document, but here are some of the highlights. $4,184,000 for Office of […]

There Goes the National Debt: Congress Agrees on Another COVID Stimulus Bill

The United States Congress has finally reached consensus and reached a deal on a $900 Billion COVID relief package. From CNN: Congressional leaders announced Sunday night that they have secured a deal for a sweeping $900 billion rescue package to deliver much-needed relief for small businesses, unemployed Americans […]

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