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The Shutdown is Over!

Yesterday, President Trump ended the 35-day government shutdown. After battling Speaker Nancy Pelosi he finally caved in and reopened the government for the next three days all the while not receiving funding for his southern border wall. Check out the latest episode of my podcast where I talk […]

LP of Nevada Cleans Up Lake Mead

The Libertarian Party of Nevada followed suit with the national party and organized a clean up of Lake Mead since the federal government is shutdown. The willingness of local people to take care of their national parks shows that government is not the end all and doesn’t have […]

Libertarians Clean Up Washington

With the government shutdown lasting indefinitely there is no telling when anyone would get to cleaning up the trash in our national parks. However, the Libertarian Party proved today that you don’t need government to perform a service that ordinary free people can do on their own. The […]

Libertarian Party to Clean Up National Mall During Government Shutdown

With the government shutdown still in full effect some national landmarks are suffering with then filth of the American people. However, the Libertarian Party is taking care of that in Washington by cleaning up the national mall. Real action by real people to keep their country clean. We […]

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