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Gary Johnson Responds To Florida Shooting

Using his experience as Governor of New Mexico when Columbine High School was the victim of a mass shooting, Gary Johnson responded on Fox News to the shooting that occurred in a South Florida high school last week. “[When Columbine happened] I was asked as Governor ‘well what […]

Colorado Shooter Claimed To Be Libertarian; LPCO Denounces

Matthew Riehl, the Colorado shooter who had killed a Douglas County deputy and wounding six others on New Year’s Eve, claimed in a video that he was running for Douglas County Sheriff as a Libertarian a week before Christmas. Riehl had also made “veiled threats against professors of […]

LP Minnesota Calls on Minneapolis PD to Release Police Report of Justine Damond

The Libertarian Party of Minnesota released a statement last week demanding that the Minneapolis release the police report on the shooting of Justine Damond. Damond was shot after calling 911 for assistance in regards to a possible sexual assault. According to the Star Tribune, Damond waited outside for the […]

Gun Sales Surge Among LGBT Community Following Orlando Shooting

Fox 31 in Denver is reporting that sales of fire arms are on the increase following the deadly shooting that took place in Orlando this past week. Whats even more striking is who is buying the guns in order to protect themselves. However, what’s different this time around […]

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