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Colorado Congresswoman-Elect Wants to Carry Her Glock at the Capitol

Imagine walking into the United States Capitol and seeing a Congresswoman packing a glock on her hip and she casts her vote for freedom! A Colorado congresswoman-elect, and pro-second amendment activist who straps a Glock to her hip, is looking to bring her firearm on Capitol grounds when […]

What Black Lives Matter teaches us about the Second Amendment

Opinion Piece written by Samuel Young Cops do not fight crime, they respond… So you need to find a way where you’re going to protect yourself and your family before the cops get there… This (gun) is for protection. These quotes do not come from a member of […]

Jacob Hornberger: The Unfettered Right to Own and Possess Guns

People have the unfettered right to own and possess guns and other weapons. That is what private property is all about. It is also what the right of self-defense is all about. People have the right to defend themselves from murderers, rapists, robbers, and anyone else who initiates […]

The Jackson Reaction: The story of a good guy & a gun… and how he lost his freedom

As much as the right and libertarians use the phrase “the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” the American Left love the counter phrase “so where are these good guys with guns”? It’s a fair question, that’s […]

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