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Secretary of State Pompey says Russia ‘pretty clearly’ behind cyberattack on United States

As President Trump continues to ignore the ongoing cyber attack against the United States key members of his cabinet are expressing the truth behind the attack. From the Associated Press: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says Russia was “pretty clearly” behind the grave cyberattack against the United States, the first […]

Trump Was Briefed on Possible Russian Bounties in Late February

According to U.S. Intelligence officials President Trump was briefed in February about the potential involvement of Russia into putting bounties on American soldiers to the Taliban in order to drive the United States out of the area. From The New York Times: American officials provided a written briefing […]

Donald Trump Has American Soldiers Blood on His Hands

News has broke that Vladimir Putin had paid a bounty to kill American soldiers. The current President of the United States Donald Trump knew about it but did nothing. How can Trump lead America when he can’t even defend it? From the New York Times: WASHINGTON — American […]

Russian Style Trump Flags Passed Out At CPAC; Immediately Confiscated

Peter Hamby, Host of Snapchat‘s Good Luck America, Tweeted out today that Russian Style flags that featured the word Trump on them were passed out to participants at CPAC and immediately confiscated. The flags that look eerilyImm similar to the Russian flag were confiscated quickly since it probably wouldn’t […]

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