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Ron Paul Banned From Facebook For Inciting Dangerous Levels Of Liberty

Originally published on the Babylon Bee. U.S.—Ron Paul has been banned from Facebook for inciting a dangerous amount of liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility on his page. “Our Community Standards clearly warn people and pages against inciting people to be free, live their lives, and take responsibility for […]

Ron Paul Blocked From Managing His Facebook Page

With absolutely no explanation former Congressman and Presidential Candidate Ron Paul has been blocked by Facebook. We have noticed a lot of purging happening with accounts on Twitter, but this is the first big one from Facebook that we have seen. Congressman Paul, who hosts a daily show […]

Ron Paul blasts Trump: ‘Foreign policy is in shambles’

With the recent airstrike in Iraq that killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani, there has been a lot of talk about the role of America in the world. Former Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul said he wished President Trump would “flip-flop” his policy on Iran and criticized Trump’s […]

A Libertarian Solution to Fixing America’s Illegal Immigration Problem

Immigration is poking its head once again thanks to President Trump and his push to build a wall on the southern border which has caused the longest government shutdown in American history. Illegal Immigration can be a problem, but a wall isn’t the way to go anymore, not […]

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