Libertarian Party of Tennessee Releases Resolution Condemning Arrests of Libertarian Party of Cuba Officers

June 22, 2017, the Founder, President, and Vice President of the Cuban LP were arrested and detained for simply opening a library. As defenders of Liberty, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee has resolved to defend all Liberty, both at home and abroad. The Cuban LP dilemma won't disappear without an organized fight. We can all... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party of South Carolina Approves Resolution Calling for Arvin Vohra’s Resignation

Sunday, the Libertarian Party of South Carolina voted to approve a resolution requesting Arvin Vohra's resignation as Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party. The State affiliate claims that the Vice Chair is not fulfilling his duties of representing the state party's that "are not formally a part of a region", a category of which the... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party of Tennessee Rejects Tyranny of Cuban Government

With the recent news of the Libertarian Party of Cuba's headquarters being raided and their officers arrested, their has been much showing of support for the brave few facing the tyranny of the Cuban Communist government.  Today, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee released a resolution stating they "[oppose] the tyranny of the Cuban regime and... Continue Reading →

Congressmen Introduce Term Limits Constitution Amendment

A House Joint resolution to limit members of the United States Senate to two terms and United States Representatives to six terms was introduced last week. Texas Republican Jodey Arrington and California Democrat Ro Khanna brought the resolution to the floor. Khanna stated that “96% of the folks here get reelected and that’s not what... Continue Reading →

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