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Voting Libertarian is not a Privilege

For many in the Libertarian Party and small “l” libertarians in the liberty movement at large, seeing Justin Amash jump into the LP Presidential race less than 72 hours ago was a welcome and long anticipated move. I predicted it about a year ago, others made the same […]

Is Bill Weld Gearing Up For A Presidential Run?

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld announced via social media last Thursday the start of a new organization called Freedom For America and encouraged his followers to donate. The video of the announcement is a bit peculiar, however, as it highlights Bill Weld’s stances on individual issues without really […]

POLL: Way Too Early LP Presidential Candidate Poll

Note: Polling is now closed. With 2018 now upon us, only two years remain until the Libertarian Party will again put forth a candidate for President of the United States. Already, four party members have put their names into consideration, hinting at another competitive primary. Below, we’ve included […]

Bill Weld Doesn’t Rule Out 2020 Run, Says 2016 Campaign Changed His Views

Former Governor of Massachusetts and Libertarian Vice President candidate Bill Weld has remained active in the political sphere since the end of the 2016 election cycle. Weld spoke at the Students for Liberty Regional Conference in New York, and endorsed Larry Sharpe for Governor of the state. “He’s […]

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