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Breaking: President & Vice-President of Cuban Libertarian Party Arrested

After moving to their new Libertarian Library in Camaguey, the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s President, Caridad Remirez Utria, and Vice-President, Heriberto Pons Ruis, have been arrested and are being detain by state police. The party urged people on social media to “Send your protest to the Cuban government […]

Donald Trump’s First 100 Days Report Card From A Libertarian Perspective

The first 100 days of a President’s administration is one of the most important in regards to their agenda and course setting for the next 4 years. Presidents are judged by the effectiveness of these 100 days in office and can be a barometer for the mid-term and […]

The Paranoid Personality of Donald J. Trump

Our current President is an interesting man. He has claimed business success, been a television personality for many years, and has now dabbled into the world of politics. But there is something lurking in the wings about him and is personality. Many don’t like him and the things […]

Nevermind Fake News, We Have a Fake President

It’s been roughly 3 weeks since Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. This site faced criticism for not giving the guy a chance to do something as President, and we have waited long enough. Donald Trump is the pure definition of a […]

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