Justin Amash Close to Making Decision on Presidential Run; Sources Say

Sources close to The Liberty Herald have confirmed that Congressman Justin Amash is close to making a final decision on a Presidential run as a third party candidate. With the events of the past couple of months, Impeachment and now Iran, the Congressman is weighing a run for the Presidency to show the American people... Continue Reading →

Profiles in Libertarianism: Interview with Adam Kokesh, LP Presidential Candidate

As the 2020 election approaches we are starting a series that will highlight the candidates that are running for President for the Libertarian Party. The LP has the potential to really cause a wave in this country as the strongest third party that can challenge the status quo in America and produce a result that... Continue Reading →

Mitt Romney Slams President Trump in New Op-ed

As he prepares to take office as Utah's next U.S. Senator former Governor Mitt Romney slammed President Trump in a recent op-ed for the Washington Post. In this piece, Romney claims that the president shapes the public character of the nation and that Trump’s character falls short. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZVEQTSoHpI Romney makes a compelling case in this... Continue Reading →

Justin Amash Should Run For President as a Libertarian

The 2020 Presidential election is creeping up as we speak. Candidates are starting to get themselves in position to run for their parties nomination and starting the process to raise money for their campaigns. This election should turn out to be one for the ages! The Libertarian Party is in a unique position to really... Continue Reading →

Joe Exotic Running for LP Oklahoma Gubernatorial Nomination

Joe Exotic, who is most famous for his 2016 presidential campaign video and was featured on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver’s segment on third parties in the 2016 election, is among three candidates running for the Libertarian Party of Oklahoma’s nomination for Governor. John Oliver described the candidate, whose real name is Joseph Moldonado,... Continue Reading →

POLL RESULTS: Larry Sharpe Overwhelming Favorite; Kokesh Favorite Among Current Candidates

The Libertarian Vindicator’s “Way Too Early” Presidential Poll yielded many interesting results in regard to the currently announced candidates and those who have said they are interested or speculated to run. Among the four current candidates (Cecil Anthony Ince, Adam Kokesh, Zoltan Istvan and Donald Eugene Lowe), the majority Libertarians who responded did not want... Continue Reading →

Zoltan Istvan To Run For 2020 LP Presidential Nomination

Transhumanist author and current Libertarian candidate for Governor of California Zoltan Istvan, mentioned that he intends to run in 2020 to be the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate during an interview with 71republic. Istvan explained this while discussing his platform of providing universal basic income through land dividends stating “This is a totally libertarian idea, and it... Continue Reading →

Larry Sharpe To Make Big Announcement Tonight

Rumors have been circulating that Larry Sharpe will run to replace Arvin Vohra as the Vice Chairman of the Libertarian Party, or that he will be running for the presidential nomination in 2020, or that he will be running for Governor of New York in 2018. Tonight at 8PM Eastern, Sharpe will put those rumors... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party of Tennessee Releases Resolution Condemning Arrests of Libertarian Party of Cuba Officers

June 22, 2017, the Founder, President, and Vice President of the Cuban LP were arrested and detained for simply opening a library. As defenders of Liberty, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee has resolved to defend all Liberty, both at home and abroad. The Cuban LP dilemma won't disappear without an organized fight. We can all... Continue Reading →

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