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President Trump: It’s Time to Do The Right Thing and Pardon Edward Snowden

The last days of the Obama Presidency saw the comutation of Chelsey Manning, who was sentenced to prison for passing governmental materials to wikileaks. However, the final days of the Obama Presidency did not do what millions of Americans wished when they signed a petition on the White […]

President Trump Adds $8 Trillion to the National Debt in 4 Years

President Trump and the National Debt With only six days left in office, President Trump’s time in office is coming to an end. After facing two impeachments in one term as President and only one real lasting legacy there is one number that we are very concerned about […]

Trump Fact Check: Winning the Most Counties Doesn’t Mean You Won the Election

As the President of the United States sits hunkered down in the White House, failing to do his job, he continues to tweet/retweet falsehoods about the election and this one today is the saddest. President Donald Trump retweeted this morning the following tweet: I can’t believe we have […]

Desperate Trump Appeals to Supreme Court Again!

The guy just can’t give up! Having already been denied by the Supreme Court twice the Trump campaign is once again submitting an appeal to the nation’s highest court in attempt to overturn the results of the election. From Fox News: President Trump’s campaign team on Sunday filed […]

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