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Libertarian Jo Jorgensen Polling at 4% in Colorado

As we are now days until the 2020 Presidential election the race is shaping up to be a clear one. On the third party front good news out of Colorado as new polling shows that the Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen is coming in at 4%. Enthusiasm seems to […]

Trump Campaign Adviser Lara Trump Links Stuttering to ‘Cognitive Decline’

CNN host Jake Tapper on Sunday ended an interview with Trump campaign spokesperson Lara Trump after she suggested stuttering is a sign of cognitive decline. “Joe Biden as we all know has worked to overcome a stutter,” Tapper said before explaining that Biden had been an inspiration for […]

How the State of Arkansas Can Elect the First Libertarian U.S. Senator

While the attention of the 2020 Election is centered around the Presidential race with Biden and Trump hashing it out to the bitter end. However, there is another race in this election that could be the beginning of a new tidal wave. The state of Arkansas has the […]

The Federal Budget Deficit Tops $3.1 Trillion

One of the greatest challenges to this country is not necessarily trying to curb the spread of COVID-19, but rather the financial destruction of our economy as the federal budget deficit tops $3.1 Trillion. From the New York Times: The federal budget deficit soared to a record $3.1 […]

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