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Why are politicians so terrible?

I’ve been spending some time with friends on the phone to catch up after the 2020 election cycle put most of my relationships on pause. A friend from college told me that she’s paid closer attention to politics in the last year than ever in her life. I […]

Indiana GOP Punishes Libertarians for Rainwater Success in Governor Race

The Libertarian Party had a successful year with two statewide campaigns that garnered a lot of attention and support for the party. Dale Harrington Jr.’s race in Arkansas for U.S. Senate and the Rainwater Campaign in Indiana for Governor. Now it appears that this success comes at a […]

Whistleblower leaks video of Twitters’ Dorsey saying actions will be ‘much bigger’ than Trump ban

Twitter banned President Trump the other day after it was determined that his tweets and actions on the social media platform were instrumental in the mob riot on the Capitol. Following that ban it was very apparent that a purge was taking place on Twitter as multiple right […]

Registration Numbers for the Republican Party Are Down Following Capitol Attack

The Republican Party appears to be fracturing following the attempted insurrection on Capitol Hill last week. With President Trump spouting election lies and stirring up a mob registration numbers are down across the country as Republicans are jumping ship. From the Associated Press: In the 36 hours after […]

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