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Montana Libertarian Congressional Candidate Breaks Vote Record

After recent news of the Republican candidate for Montana’s special United States House election body slamming a Guardian reporter, it appeared that the Libertarian party may have a shot to make a real impact. That we did, as Mark Wicks, the Libertarian candidate, received 5.7% of the vote, […]

Lush Running Campaign To End The Death Penalty

This month, the Cosmetics giant Lush will be taking on the death penalty. A new bath-bomb entitled 31 States, inspired by the 31 states that still have a death penalty, was released with 100% of the proceeds going to Witness to Innocence, Death Penalty Focus, and the National […]

Libertarian Party Calls Out Republicans

Arvin Vohra, Vice Chair of Libertarian Party, released an open letter to Republicans calling out their hypocrisy of calling themselves the small government party, while advocating for bigger government. This is a response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcing Friday that he would be reintroducing mandatory minimum sentencing. […]

Criticisms #4: Divided We Fall

by Luke Henderson Continuing my articles meant to address the common criticisms of libertarianism, this week I planned on doing something a little different and addressing a criticism of libertarians from other libertarians. A recent article on Being Libertarian claimed that the infighting between liberty-minded people needs to […]

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