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Liberty Hangout Challenges Anarchyball to Debate

Open vs. closed borders is always a touchy topic when it comes to libertarians that can split our variety fo viewpoints. This conflict came to a head yesterday morning, as Liberty Hangout announced on Twitter that it would be challenging the satire page, Anarchyball, to a debate on […]

Meet Jake Porter, Candidate for Libertarian Party Vice Chairman

The Libertarian Party Vice Chairman seat will be a hotly contested in the 2018 convention with many Libertarians announcing their intentions to run for the seat in response to current Vice-Chairman Arvin Vohra’s comments about the United States Military. Earlier in May, Trent Sommes III announced his intention […]

How Libertarians Can Help Veterans

Recent statements by Libertarian Vice Chair, Arvin Vohra, has prompted much discussion on what is the libertarian position on the military. While many libertarians may passionately believe that the military represents state overreach and the interventionist policies that have destabilized the middle east, there are also those that […]

Criticisms #8: No Groups, Ever!

Continuing my series on libertarian criticisms, I will address the argument that libertarians want no groups or anyone to ever do anything in groups. This argument first appeared to me when I was browsing articles and essays searching for the most common criticisms of libertarianism. An author for […]

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