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Trump Pardon

Did Trump Secretly Pardon Himself and His Family?

Trump Pardon Now former President Trump has gone into retirement in Florida there is speculation that he might have secretly pardoned himself and his family members. From Mediaite: The flurry of pardons had some breathing a sigh of relief that Trump hadn’t included himself in this latest batch, and while […]

Trump to issue 100 pardons and commutations Tuesday, sources say

With his final days in office upon us the rumors are swirling around the possibility of pardons that might come down from Donald Trump in his waining hours. He has already issued some controversial pardons in the past couple of months since losing the election, but there are […]

Stop Pardoning Turkeys! It Is Time to Pardon Edward Snowden

President Donald Trump, in one of his last acts of President, took part in the annual turkey pardon before Thanksgiving. But there are many of us that are waiting for real Presidential action, especially as Trump is preparing to depart for good. It is time to act and […]

President Donald Trump: Issue a Full and Complete Pardon of Edward Snowden

The last days of the Obama Presidency saw the comutation of Chelsey Manning, who was sentenced to prison for passing governmental materials to wikileaks. However, the final days of the Obama Presidency did not do what millions of Americans wished when they signed a petition on the White […]

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