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Principles do not make up for toxicity

The Libertarian Party can grow while maintaining our core values, any candidate who doesn’t believe that should not be running for the Presidential nomination. Principles do not make up for toxicity and our party has plenty of toxic personalities to go around. There is no need to enable more of them.

Op-Ed: The Intangible Spirt of America

Opinion piece submitted by Garrison Moratto The unique power of America is its intangible magnetism that has drawn thinkers and refugees, poets and athletes, families and celebrities, the hopeless and the hope-filled, seeking the fulfillment of their dreams or the relief of their fears, coming from all over […]

Voting Libertarian is not a Privilege

For many in the Libertarian Party and small “l” libertarians in the liberty movement at large, seeing Justin Amash jump into the LP Presidential race less than 72 hours ago was a welcome and long anticipated move. I predicted it about a year ago, others made the same […]

Mark Elworth Jr., A Story Of LP Infiltration

Making the rounds on my social media accounts was a screenshot of former Nebraska gubernatorial candidate, Mark Elworth Jr., claiming that although he is running as a libertarian, he is not associated with the party and considers the voters and members of the party to be “whiny bitches”. […]

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