Doctors Find Alternatives to Keep Healthcare Prices Down

By Luke Henderson Health care as a basic human right has been an ongoing debate since the past election cycle with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton promising to expand the Affordable Care Act in one way or another and the Republican candidates vowing to repeal it. With the failed passage of the even worse Trumpcare,... Continue Reading →

The Overturning of an Obama-Era Regulation

by Spencer Helsel Like many of you, I was shocked and horrified in 2013 by the disclosure of PRISM: the secret collection of personal data without the consent of the individual by the NSA. Now, I will note that this article isn’t to debate Edward Snowden’s credibility or ethics in that situation, but to bring... Continue Reading →

The Obama Legacy: $20 Trillion Worth of Burdensome Debt

As President Obama enters his final week in office many are looking at his legacy as President of the United States. While many will play up the accomplishments of his term in office the biggest outlier will go missing in the analysis of his 8 years in office. In 2008, when President Obama took office... Continue Reading →

President Obama on Donald Trump’s Proposed Muslim Ban: “Where Does This Stop?…That’s Not the America We Want.”

Today President Barack Obama took to the microphone to criticizes Donald Trump's plan to ban Muslim's from entering the Untied States.  In a heartfelt speech the President stood up agains the hate coming from Mr. Trump and asked a simple question "Where does this stop?...that's not the America we want." We are a country of immigrants... Continue Reading →

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