Adam Kokesh Potentially Accused Wrong Daniel Thompson Of Pedophilia

In Adam Kokesh’s recent statement from prison, he accused Bill Weld and anyone involved in the “I Am Gary Johnson” film of being pro-pedophilia because the executive producer allegedly was a convicted pedophile. Through a tip, Dramatarians, the libertarian gossip page on Facebook, recently posted on how this accusation could be false. The producer of... Continue Reading →

What Has Me Worried About The LP’s Future

This month has felt much longer than it was and it seems that news within the libertarian realm has been rife with drama. The obvious being Arvin Vohra’s inflammatory statements on the age of consent laws, but the general inter-party debating on the current Libertarian leadership and Adam Kokesh’s recent arrest and released statement from... Continue Reading →

POLL: Sarwark Or Smith For LNC Chairman?

The race for the next Chairman of the Libertarian party currently looks to be a match between current Chair Nicholas Sarwark and Think Liberty founder Joshua Smith. More information on Nicholas Sarwark can be found here. More information on Joshua Smith can be found here. The poll will be open until January 18, 2018 and results... Continue Reading →

LNC Chair Invites Caitlin Jenner To Join LP

With the recent news of the Trump administration’s reinstating the ban on transgender citizens being in the United States military and Caitlin Jenner’s consideration of a California senate run, Libertarian National Committee Chairman Nicholas Sarwark invited the former Olympian to run under the Libertarian Party. The lifelong Republican is currently exploring whether or not she... Continue Reading →

Bill Weld More Libertarian Than Austin Petersen?

Following his announcement that he will be running for U.S. Senate in Missouri as a Republican, there has been both love and hate coming towards Austin Petersen. Some think he made a bold decision to run in the GOP as a way to further advance the cause of Liberty while some think he committed high... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party Condemns President Trump’s Actions While the Rest of the World Applauds Him

by Luke Henderson Donald Trump ordered an attack Thursday on of the Al Sharyat Airfield in Syria after a reported chemical attack ordered by President Assad Tuesday that supposedly killed 100 people. According to NBC, the 59 tomahawk missiles launched by the United States killed at least 6 people although civilians were not targeted as... Continue Reading →

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