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The Libertarians Have a Big Problem and Its Not the Two Major Parties; It’s Themselves

This weekend has been quite interesting for somebody on the outside looking in as the Libertarian Party was the first political party to hold their 2020 nominating convention online. As someone that joined the party officially in 2016 I have met and interacted with many great Libertarians that […]

Nicholas Sarwark Reelected as Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee

In a stunning upset, Nicholas Sarwark was reelected as the chairman of the Libertarian Party by a 65% vote total. Sarwark faced a tough challenge from Joshua Smith, a newcomer to national Libertarian politics, but his experience and tenacity paid off in the end with a large backing […]

POLL: Joshua Smith Takes The Lead In LNC Chair Race

This poll was conducted by 73 of currently 312 members of the Libertarian Vindicator Polling Committee, a group that aims to have 10 libertarians, both party members and non-party members, from each state, including the District of Columbia, for a total of 510 members that seeks to create representative […]

Nicholas Sarwark Votes No, Vohra Suspension Motion Fails

Chairman Nicholas Sarwark voted no last night on the motion to suspend Arvin Vohra, thus the motion failed. Sarwark stated that while he found the rhetoric “disgusting”, and he would have fired Vohra would he have been an employee of his, he felt that he should not supersede […]

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