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“If You Don’t Know Where Aleppo Is, You Can’t Bomb It” Says Larry Sharpe In Defense of Gary Johnson

Last night’s episode of the Governor’s House with Larry Sharpe became heated when someone commented on the livestream “What’s an Aleppo?” Among Sharpe’s commentary on universal basic income, New York’s new free college program and unions (and someone calling in asking if Larry had seen our Presidential Poll), […]

Larry Sharpe Launches Cryptocurrency To Reward Supporters

As a way to reward supporters, the Larry Sharpe for New York campaign has launched Sharpecoin, a collectible cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase campaign merchandise, tickets to events and other perks to be added. Sharpecoin can be earned by having people donate to the campaign through […]

Meet Alex Merced, Candidate for Libertarian Party Vice Chairman

Libertarian candidate for Comptroller of New York City and founder of the Libertarian Party Positivity Caucus Alex Merced declared his intentions to run for Vice Chairman of the Libertarian party citing his belief that “[t]he principles of liberty are ones that I am dedicated to share to everyone […]

New York Town Councilor Switches to LP

Michael Becallo, Cicero, NY Town Councilor announced yesterday on social media that he would be switching from the Republican Party to the Libertarian Party making him New York’s first elected Libertarian in the state. Becallo, also known as the Taxpayer’s Watchdog, was elected to his position in 2014 […]

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