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Gary Johnson in Striking Distance of Winning a U.S. Senate Seat

In a recent poll conducted by NSON Opinion Strategy places Johnson ahead of the Republican by 18 percentage points — and 7 points behind the incumbent. The NSON poll of 932 likely voters has Heinrich at 35%, Johnson at 28% and Rich at 10%, with 26% undecided. September […]

Gary Johnson Has the Potential to Shake Up The American Political Establishment

Former Governor Gary Johnson has declared that he will be running for the United States Senate in New Mexico as a Libertarian and already many are claiming that he has thrown this race into chaos. From ABC News: “What’s at stake here is arguably one of the most […]

Newly Libertarian NM Land Commissioner Speaks Out Against Border Wall

Aubrey Dunn, the Republican New Mexico Land Commissioner who switched to the Libertarian Party in January, opposes the Department of Homeland Security’s waiver that would have expedited construction of the border wall promised by President Donald Trump. 20 environmental laws were to be waived, including the Endangered Species […]

New Mexico’s State Land Commissioner Switches to the Libertarian Party

All across this country we have seen elected officials from the Republican Party switching their party affiliation to the Libertarian Party. It has happened again and in what might be a powerful position. We have seen state legislators switch, which is pretty big, but somebody like Aubrey Dunn […]

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