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Mark Elworth Jr., A Story Of LP Infiltration

Making the rounds on my social media accounts was a screenshot of former Nebraska gubernatorial candidate, Mark Elworth Jr., claiming that although he is running as a libertarian, he is not associated with the party and considers the voters and members of the party to be “whiny bitches”. […]

Libertarian State Senator Needs Help Raising $5000 for Reelection

Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke, who switched to the Libertarian Party from the Republican party last June, is attempting to raise $5000 for her reelection campaign by July 4. Currently, she has only raised $490 of that goal in two weeks. Due to her switching parties, funding a campaign has […]

New Nebraska Bill Makes It Easier For Libertarians To Remain On Ballot

In the first week of May, Governor Pete Ricketts allowed a bill to go into effect that would allow a party to maintain ballot access if they have 10,000 or more registered members or if a candidate polls at 5% in any of the last two statewide elections. […]

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