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Austin Petersen Signs Pledge To Only Vote For Balanced Budgets

Former Libertarian Party presidential candidate and current candidate for Senator Austin Petersen has taken the Coalition to Reduce Spending‘s pledge to not vote for any budget that isn’t balanced or adds spending. “I am committed to balancing the budget and even passing a Balanced Budget amendment. Our economy […]

Austin Petersen Primary Opponent Falls Short On Fundraising

Mitch McConnell chosen Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley’s fundraising has fallen short of what many expected. According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch “The Missouri Democratic Party jumped on the new numbers, with a news release seeking to make the case that they are ‘embarrassingly low’ for ‘someone […]

Austin Petersen Picks Up Republican Liberty Caucus Endorsement in US Senate Race

Austin Petersen has picked up a key endorsement from the Republican Liberty Caucus in his race against Claire McCaskill for the US Senate in Missouri. The former Libertarian Presidential Candidate and Republican outsider has been campaigning against the Democrat since July and the endorsement is a major signal […]

Austin Petersen Receives Endorsement From Former LP Presidential Candidate

Talk radio host and former candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, Gary Nolanendorsed Austin Petersen’s run for Senate. Check out the video. Nolan ran for the LP’s nomination for president in 2004, but finished in 3rd place and the nominee chosen was Michael Badnarik. Nolan was the […]

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