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Arm The Homeless GoFundMe Removed For Violations Of TOS

The previously reported on Arm The Homeless campaign, an effort by Michigan Libertarian Senatorial candidate Brian Ellison to provide 20 pump shotguns to homeless citizens, has been taken down due to violation of their Terms of Service. According to GoFundMe any campaigns that involves “knives, explosives, ammunition, firearms, […]

Michigan Senate Candidate Starts Campaign To Arm The Homeless

Update 3/11/2018 12:20PM: The GoFundMe campaign has been taken down. The author is reaching out to Brian Ellison for a comment in the reasoning. Michigan Libertarian Brian Ellison has taken a unique approach to promoting his Senatorial campaign: starting a fundraiser to provide 20 pump shotguns to the […]

Kid Rock Announces Senate Run, May Be a Libertarian

With the discovery of a campaign website stating that Kid Rock for Senate, many thought that it was a joke, but according the artist, he website is real. Kid Rock also stated via Twitter that he has a big announcement in the future, which could be his official announcement for his […]

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