Marijuana Raids Are More Deadly Than The Drug Itself

The debate about marijuana has been a hot topic for some time now. Ever since Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational usage of this plant debate has sparked in this country about the legality and the deadliness of the drug. As this country ponders the prospect of legalizing this plant, the Washington Post... Continue Reading →

Justin Amash Co-Sponsors Bill to End Federal Prohibition on Marijuana

The federal prohibition on marijuana has come under scrutiny over the past few years since the adoption of legalized marijuana across the country starting in the great state of Colorado. While many Republicans are still hesitant to support the legalization of a drug that is deemed as toxic and dangerous as heroin, there are a few... Continue Reading →

On Recreational Marijuana Colorado Governor Says States Have Soverignty

Ever since the states of Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana questions have been abound on the degree that the federal government could enforce the controlled substances act against these states.  The Obama Administration took the back seat to enforcement by allowing states like Colorado to figure out how to regulate and enforce marijuana. With the... Continue Reading →

The Trump War on Legal Marijuana

As the dust settles from the 2016 Presidential Election we are not getting a picture of the makeup that will be the Donald Trump Administration. From multiple cabinet picks that some people are praising, while others are questioning the decision the President-Elect is making are consuming the news cycle. One cabinet pick, in particular, is... Continue Reading →

Gary Johnson has Been High ‘Pretty Much Constantly’ Since the Election

Whether the story is true (we really hope it is), there are reports that Gary Johnson has been high almost constantly since the end of the 2016 Election. From The American Tribune: In a recent candid interview, Johnson was quoted saying, “I’m pretty high right now”. Asked to elaborate, he said “I’m going to be... Continue Reading →

More Than Half of Republicans Now Support Marijuana Legalization

One of the biggest tenets of the Libertarian platform is the legalization of drugs, and specifically the legalization of marijuana.  Republicans for years have chastised Libertarians as a bunch of pot smokers, but it now appears they are coming on board the legalization train according to a new poll. YouGov reports: Marijuana is already fully... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson on The Drug War & Marijuana Legalization

One of the biggest issues that has defined the campaign of Gary Johnson is the drug issue.  People like Mitt Romney have suggested that they would vote for Johnson, but have reservations about his proposal to legalize marijuana. Here is a great clip of Governor Johnson when he was on the Joe Rogan show a... Continue Reading →

Nation’s Biggest Pro-Marijuana Group Endorses Gary Johnson for President

The largest organization in favor of marijuana legalization is formally endorsing the campaign of Gary Johnson for President. In a statement from the executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project they spell out their endorsement: “MPP is a single-issue organization, and our mission is simple: ‘Regulate marijuana similarly to alcohol in the United States.’ We... Continue Reading →

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