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Biden Rejects Staff Over Cannabis Consumption.

Biden has expressed moderate support for the decriminalization of Cannabis but has routinely taken opposition to legalization. While he says no one should be in jail for a drug crime, he also puts in the effort to send his own staff away over cannabis usage. This is incredibly […]

New Jersey Legalizes Marijuana, But Growing At Home Is Still A Felony

As the popularity of marijuana repeal laws has grown across the country one state has legalized the crop for adult use and possession, but will be the only state that still makes it a felony to grow it at your own home. From Forbes: What they do know […]

Only 5 House Republicans vote to decriminalize marijuana

As 68% of Americans have expressed their desire to see marijuana decriminalized at the federal level it seems that the Republican Party is still falling behind public opinion. Only 5 GOP members of the House voted in favor of decriminalization. Rep. Matt Gaetz said , “The MORE Act […]

Freedom Rising! Support for marijuana legalization rising as conservative Montana, South Dakota vote to legalize

The race for president, the 2020 Election was historic. It was the first time that Republican strongholds voted in favor of marijuana, as both South Dakota and Montana voted to legalize the recreational use of the drug. Arizona, a more moderate state, along with progressive New Jersey, also […]

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