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Breaking: Rep. Justin Amash Looking For Libertarian Legislative Assistant

by Luke Henderson Michigan Representative Justin Amash is looking for a Libertarian minded person to fill the role as his legislative assistant. The details of the job can be found below: “My office is seeking a bright, creative, and self-motivated legislative assistant focused on economics to join our […]

Florida Libertarian Wins City Council Seat

by Luke Henderson Frostproof, Florida elected Libertarian Austin Gravley to City Council at the beginning of April. Gravely received 62 percent of the vote in a two-candidate race, making him the second Libertarian elected official for the city. Libertarian Martin Sullivan was elected as Assistant Mayor in 2015. […]

FCC Set to Repeal Net Neutrality

by Luke Henderson Regulations set in 2015 by the Federal Communications Commission requiring internet service providers to allow access to websites without blocking or favoring certain ones, commonly known as net neutrality, are set to be repealed. President Trump’s FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, stated “Going forward, we cannot […]

Was Jesus Christ a Libertarian? Here are Examples to Prove He Was!

By Robert J. Bentley On this beautiful Easter Sunday, I sit around wondering, was Jesus a Libertarian? The teachings of Christ have a profound impact on our world and country. Jesus was all about the voluntary. He despised the coercive authority of the state. He understood the impossibility of […]

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