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The 10 Most Influential Libertarians

Yesterday NewsMax came out with a list of the 100 most influential Libertarians. The many of us who read the list realized that most of the individuals listed were not even real Libertarians, or have said in the past that they are not Libertarians. Therefore, here at The […]

I’m Proud To Be A Libertarian! Free Thoughts From Deep Inside The Liberty Movement

My name is Robert J. Bentley and I am a Libertarian! I say this with pride and honor in a time that is being challenged by tyranny and government control. I started this website over a year ago at the hight of the 2016 Presidential election. Being a […]

Criticisms #8: No Groups, Ever!

Continuing my series on libertarian criticisms, I will address the argument that libertarians want no groups or anyone to ever do anything in groups. This argument first appeared to me when I was browsing articles and essays searching for the most common criticisms of libertarianism. An author for […]

FCC Votes To Begin Process of Repealing Net Neutrality

  In late April, Ajit Pai, the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, announced that he would hold a vote to repeal the Obama administration regulations controlling the ability of internet service providers to charge different rates and give more or less speed to certain websites. As […]

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