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Libertarianism is Bigger Than The Libertarian Party

The past couple of months have been quiet for me because of personal things happening in my life that were for the good. However, there has been a lot on my mind as we enter the heart of the Presidential election season and that centers around the inner […]

Was Jesus A Libertarian?

On this Christmas Eve, I sit around wondering, was Jesus a Libertarian? The teachings of Christ have a profound impact on our world and country. Jesus was about the voluntary. He despised the coercive authority of the state. He understood the impossibility of trying to force or tax a […]

Independence Day is a Celebration of Liberty, Not Government

Americans all across this country today will be celebrating our nation’s birthday with bbq’s, fireworks, and beers.  Not to say that there isn’t anything wrong with that, but many of them are going to fail to understand the true meaning behind the holiday and why we really celebrate. […]

Little Libertarians Brings Libertarian Ideals To A Much Younger Generation

As the father of a brand new baby boy, I can’t help but wonder how he will grow up in a world that is plagued by political rhetoric that centers around the dissolution of free ideas. I sit here and write this piece while watching my three-week-old son […]

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