Libertarian Candidate Jo Jorgensen on NPR

The Libertarian Party nominee for President, Jo Jorgensen, appeared on NPR yesterday. Here is that interview and transcript. SCOTT SIMON, HOST: The Libertarian Party has nominated their candidates for president and vice president online. Jo Jorgensen, a party activist who teaches psychology at Clemson University, is the 2020 Libertarian candidate for president. She joins us... Continue Reading →

Jo Jorgensen Wins the Libertarian Presidential Nomination

The Libertarian National Convention, meeting via Zoom, has chosen Jo Jorgensen as their nominee for President of the United States. After four rounds of voting she becomes the first woman in Libertarian Party history to win the nomination for President and now the only woman in the race for President among the 3 major parties.... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Convention Update: After Two Rounds Jo Jorgensen and Jacob Hornberger Lead Among Delegates

After two rounds of voting the top two candidates right now are Jo Jorgensen and Jacob Hornberger.

Backroom Dealings In LP Leadership to Push for All Online Convention

As you may know, the Libertarian National Committee voted on May 9 to hold an online presidential nominating caucus this coming Memorial Day weekend, to be followed by an in-person convention July 8-12 in Orlando, Florida, during which all other convention votes and business will be conducted. This compromise was arrived at in order to allow more time for... Continue Reading →

Where Justin Amash Stands on the Key Issues

Justin Amash has launched his Libertarian campaign for President of the United States and already has the buzz of national media outlets and is creating a nationwide campaign for the highest office in the land. He is the first Libertarian member of Congress and has a record that supports the main principles of the party... Continue Reading →

Justin Amash to Appear in His First Libertarian Presidential Debate

Tomorrow night at 8pm/EST Congressman Justin Amash will appear in his first LP Presidential debate hosted by the LP of Kentucky. Details: We will be sharing the live streams on our platforms so everyone tune in!

Amash Unlikely To Be a Spoiler For Biden or Trump, Poll Says

The first polling is out with Justin Amash included and already the Libertarian candidate is polling at 5% of the vote and he is not even the official nominee of the Libertarian Party. Having just announced last week his intention to run for President he is already making a dent into the national political landscape.... Continue Reading →

Ex-Libertarian Presidential Nominee Gary Johnson Hails Rep. Amash’s Presidential Bid

Former Presidential candidate and Governor of New Mexico just stopped short of a full out endorsement of Congressman Justin Amash’s Presidential bid yesterday. From Newsmax: In an exclusive interview with Newsmax Friday, former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said that Amash — who began exploring a Libertarian bid for president last week— “brings a... Continue Reading →

What Does an Amash Presidency Look Like?

With Justin Amash's entrance into the 2020 Presidential field there have been many questions surrounding an Amash Presidency and what that might look like. Congressman Amash has been the most consistent Libertarian member of Congress since his first election into the body. Here is a release from his campaign that outlines what his Presidency will... Continue Reading →

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