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Libertarian Convention

Potential 2024 Libertarian Presidential Candidates-Updated

We are 10 months into the Joe Biden Presidency and already he has talked about a big tax increase, has ballooned the national debt, bombed Syria, and ravaged American freedom with the COVID-19 pandemic. Might be a good time to think of 2024 and who the Libertarian Party […]


Libertarianism is a Way of Life Not a Political Party

The Libertarian Party has been lost for many years. Yes, I am still a member and a registered voter in Colorado, but there is more than the party that has failed to accomplish many of its goals. Libertarianism is more than being a member of a political party, […]

Libertarian roasted turkey on white ceramic plate

10 Tips for a Libertarian Thanksgiving

10 Tips for a Libertarian Thanksgiving Thanksgiving could teach Americans socialistic concepts like sharing and selflessness. To counter this troubling Europeanization of a distinctly American tradition, here are 10 tips to a have a self interested, Libertarian Thanksgiving. Here is a 10-step guide to having a Libertarian Thanksgiving: […]

Larry Sharpe Exploring Another Run for Governor of New York

Larry Sharpe, a favorite among many inside Libertarians, is exploring another run for Governor of New York. The Libertarian favorite ran for New York Governor in 2018 and gathered around 1.7% of the vote, or over 95,000 votes. On the heels of a government default and many other […]

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