Backroom Dealings In LP Leadership to Push for All Online Convention

As you may know, the Libertarian National Committee voted on May 9 to hold an online presidential nominating caucus this coming Memorial Day weekend, to be followed by an in-person convention July 8-12 in Orlando, Florida, during which all other convention votes and business will be conducted. This compromise was arrived at in order to allow more time for... Continue Reading →

Endorsement 2.0: Jacob Hornberger is the Right Choice for America and the Libertarian Party

With Justin Amash out of the race it was easy for us here at The Liberty Herald to decide who should get our support for the Libertarian Party nomination for President. We initially endorsed Jacob Hornberger for the nomination before Amash and are proud to re-endorse the principled candidate for President. Here was our initial... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Presidential Debate Tonight 5/16

Reason Magazine’s Matt Welch will be hosting a Libertarian Presidential debate tonight that will be centered around policy positions. This will be the second debate that Justin Amash has appeared in following his announcement to seek the LP nomination for President.

Justin Amash Takes Questions From Delegates on the Kris and Jessi Show

Tonight Congressman Justin Amash spent just over an hour taking questions from Libertarian Party delegates. The Libertarian National Convention will convene over Memorial Day weekend virtually to vote on the President and Vice-Presidential candidates. Here is the entire interview with Congressman Amash on the Kris and Jessi Show.

Justin Amash Leading Among Delegates After the LP KY Post Debate Poll

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky ran a delegate only post debate poll of the candidates running for the Presidential nomination. The support for Justin Amash is high among delegates following his announcement he would be seeking the LP nomination for President. In order to be nominated by the Libertarian Party the candidate must have 50%... Continue Reading →

The Time Has Come For Libertarian Party To Boot Vermin Supreme

The biggest struggle that the Libertarian Party has had for years is getting people to take them seriously. Four years ago during the national convention they had a guy dress down almost complete naked and dance on stage which was televised on national television. Now they have allowed a satire candidate to make the main... Continue Reading →

Where Justin Amash Stands on the Key Issues

Justin Amash has launched his Libertarian campaign for President of the United States and already has the buzz of national media outlets and is creating a nationwide campaign for the highest office in the land. He is the first Libertarian member of Congress and has a record that supports the main principles of the party... Continue Reading →

Justin Amash is the Clear Choice Among Libertarians Following Last Night’s Debate

Last night featured for the first time Congressman Justin Amash in a debate among the candidates for the Libertarian Presidential nomination. Right off the bat Jacob Hornberger the former frontrunner went on the attack and tried to go after Amash, but failed to gain an traction when Amash keep things civil and positive. A poll... Continue Reading →

Libertarian Party to Choose Presidential Ticket By Virtual Vote Memorial Day Weekend Followed By In Person Convention in July

After a tortuous 8 hour LNC Zoom meeting the Libertarian National Committee voted 13-4 to pick the party Presidential nominee during Memorial Day weekend through a virtual platform and then follow up with a in person convention in Orlando from July 8-12. After a few weeks of back and forth and whether or not the... Continue Reading →

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