The Libertarians Have a Big Problem and Its Not the Two Major Parties; It’s Themselves

This weekend has been quite interesting for somebody on the outside looking in as the Libertarian Party was the first political party to hold their 2020 nominating convention online. As someone that joined the party officially in 2016 I have met and interacted with many great Libertarians that mean well for the direction of the... Continue Reading →

Spike Cohen Wins the Libertarian Vice-Presidential Nomination

The Libertarian National Convention has selected Spike Cohen to be their Vice-Presidential nominee. He will be joining the ticket with Jo Jorgensen as she leads the Libertarian Party for the 2020 Election. Spike Cohen was born Jeremy Cohen at an extremely young age in 1982.  At the age of 3, Jeremy went to the theater... Continue Reading →

Arvin Vohra Goes on the Attack Against the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus

After being soundly defeated in his run for the Libertarian Presidential nomination, Arvin Vohra tired to attack the Libertarian Mises Caucus and the amazing success they have had over the past few years. Arvin Vohra has lost all credibility in the party he once helped lead. Following his tirades the past few years in... Continue Reading →

Jo Jorgensen Wins the Libertarian Presidential Nomination

The Libertarian National Convention, meeting via Zoom, has chosen Jo Jorgensen as their nominee for President of the United States. After four rounds of voting she becomes the first woman in Libertarian Party history to win the nomination for President and now the only woman in the race for President among the 3 major parties.... Continue Reading →

Rumor: Movement to Nominate Justin Amash From the Floor of the LNC Convention

Apparently rumors are floating that several delegates are planning on nominating Justin Amash today during the Libertarian Convention being held by Zoom. I think Nick Gillespie asks the million dollar question. If he is nominated would he even accept the nomination being that he bowed out last week? We are watching and waiting to... Continue Reading →

Day 2: Online Libertarian Party Convention

Today is the second day of the online Libertarian Party convention where they will be picking the Presidential ticket for the 2020 Election.

Vice-President Endorsement: Larry Sharpe is Right for America and The Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party delegates will begin nominating and voting today on the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates and chose the ticket of the party for the 2020 election. There is no question in our mind who the vice-presidential candidate should be and that is Larry Sharpe. Mr. Sharpe is one of the most dynamic figures in... Continue Reading →

Justin Amash Endorses Joe Bishop-Henchman for Libertarian Party Chair

As the eyes of the Libertarian world are on the Presidential nominating process this weekend there was some other big news coming out of the Libertarian Party world. The race to replace current LNC chair Nick Sarwark is a hot race with a few dynamic candidates. It is an important race enough for Congressman Justin... Continue Reading →

Principles do not make up for toxicity

The Libertarian Party can grow while maintaining our core values, any candidate who doesn’t believe that should not be running for the Presidential nomination. Principles do not make up for toxicity and our party has plenty of toxic personalities to go around. There is no need to enable more of them.

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