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Sarwark loses to NOTA

Former LP Chairman Sarwark Loses to NOTA in New Hampshire LP Treasurer Race

Sarwark Loses to NOTA in New Hampshire LP Treasurer Race Former Libertarian Party Chairman Nick Sarwark left his post months ago tattered by the criticism of many in the party for his handling of numerous situations. Now the backlash from the part is starting to become well apparent […]

LP Convention

The Potential 2024 Libertarian Candidates for President

Joe Biden is set to take the Presidential Oath of Office on Wednesday becoming the 46th President of the United States. Following a contentious election and even crazier aftermath, the political landscape is set for the next four years and has people already talking about the 2024 election. […]

Justin Amash Spends All Day Arguing With Other Libertarians; Officially Becomes A Real Libertarian

One thing that Libertarians are really good at is eating their own. They spend countless hours debating and trashing members of their own party and instead shy away from the real task at hand. Spreading the message of Liberty and winning elections. Justin Amash learned this first had […]

Justin Amash Issues Call to Disaffected Republicans to Join the Libertarian Party

Now that the Republican Party is in shambles following the four years of Donald Trump as President and the U.S. Capitol being attacked by a MAGA mob, the former Congressman from Michigan and recent Libertarian Party convert is calling on Republicans to jump ship and join the Libertarian […]

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