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Cuban Libertarian Party Joins UNPACU To Prevent A Political Murder

  Via Partido Libertario Cubano-Jose Marti Camagüey, Cuba (December 5, 2017) — The Cuban Libertarian Party is promoting an information campaign to prevent a political murder in Camagüey province! Fernando Vasquez Guerra is an UNPACU leader and highly effective activist in Camagüey who is wrongfully in prison today. […]

LP Cuba Inaugurates New Headquarters in Pinar Del Rio

The Libertarian Party of Cuba (Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti) has been making steady progress this past month to grow liberty movement in Cuba. This Wednesday, the party successfully inaugurated their third headquarters in the Pinar Del Rio province. The expansion of liberty gives this author much […]

LP Cuba Spokesman & Province President Arrested & Released

It’s been over a week since the Libertarian Party of Cuba’s President, Vice-President and Spokesman were arrested in the Camaguey province, where they planned to inaugurate a new headquarters, and the state has not ceased to attempt to silence them. The remaining party members and the North American […]

Libertarian Party of Tennessee Releases Resolution Condemning Arrests of Libertarian Party of Cuba Officers

June 22, 2017, the Founder, President, and Vice President of the Cuban LP were arrested and detained for simply opening a library. As defenders of Liberty, the Libertarian Party of Tennessee has resolved to defend all Liberty, both at home and abroad. The Cuban LP dilemma won’t disappear […]

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