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I’m Proud To Be A Libertarian! Free Thoughts From Deep Inside The Liberty Movement

My name is Robert J. Bentley and I am a Libertarian! I say this with pride and honor in a time that is being challenged by tyranny and government control. I started this website over a year ago at the hight of the 2016 Presidential election. Being a […]

Colorado’s New Libertarian State Chair Ready to Propel the Party Into the Future

The 2016 Presidential election brought about big electoral changes that will last well into the next decade. With the choices, we experienced this past year many voters looked to different alternatives which included the Libertarian Party. Here in the great state of Colorado Governor Gary Johnson pulled a […]

Newly Elected LP of Colorado Board is a Powerhouse of Colorado Libertarians

The 2017 convention for the Libertarian Party of Colorado has come to a close and was a resounding success. From the planning of the event to the host of speakers that came from around the country, and to the actual business of the party it couldn’t have gone […]

Austin Petersen Gives Surprise Speech at the LP of Colorado 2017 Convention

The 2017 Libertarian Party of Colorado Convention was tagged as the Liberty party of the year, and it lived up to its excitement.  With a range of speakers and panelists, the LP of Colorado put on a great show for all liberty/freedom loving individuals. So much so that former […]

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