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Libertarian Party Planning Contingencies For It’s National Convention Which Was Cancelled By The Hosting Venue

The status of the Libertarian National Convention, which was originally scheduled for Austin, Texas over Memorial Day Weekend, has been threatened by the COVID-19 pandemic, and within the last week, the host hotel canceled the event without consulting the party.  In light of this, the Libertarian National Committee is meeting […]

Are Libertarians Ready To Be Hated?

Over the past few days I’ve been watching the Libertarian Party’s convention online. I appreciate that they are live streaming for those of those who can’t get to New Orleans.  You have to wonder why so many organizations these days still insist on limiting access to their conventions […]

Nicholas Sarwark Reelected as Chairman of the Libertarian National Committee

In a stunning upset, Nicholas Sarwark was reelected as the chairman of the Libertarian Party by a 65% vote total. Sarwark faced a tough challenge from Joshua Smith, a newcomer to national Libertarian politics, but his experience and tenacity paid off in the end with a large backing […]

How to be a Delegate to the LP National Convention- PART ONE

Being part of a political parties convention is a great way to become active in the political process. However, it can be difficult sometimes to navigate the ways to become a delegate at a convention. Well, our good friend Caryn Ann Harlos (Pink Flame of Liberty) has just […]

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