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Justin Amash: “It’s a mistake to keep viewing everything through the Trump lens”

Former Congressman Justin Amash appeared on ABC This Week to discuss the continued grip that former President Donald Trump has over the Republican Party. A Libertarian perspective is key in understanding the issues that plague this country from years past, the current, and in the future. Watch the […]

Clubhouse revolution

Justin Amash and the Clubhouse Revolution

Justin Amash and the Clubhouse Revolution Have you ever talked with a former member of Congress in a casual conversation about politics and liberty? Well, if you are one of the lucky ones to be on Clubhouse then you are in an elite class. Members of the Liberty […]

Justin Amash

Justin Amash to Keynote the New Hampshire LP Convention

Justin Amash to Keynote the New Hampshire LP Convention Justin Amash is cementing his role in the Libertarian Party ever since joining last year and becoming the first Libertarian member of Congress. Today the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire announced that the former Libertarian Congressman, and potential Presidential […]

Justin Amash Spends All Day Arguing With Other Libertarians; Officially Becomes A Real Libertarian

One thing that Libertarians are really good at is eating their own. They spend countless hours debating and trashing members of their own party and instead shy away from the real task at hand. Spreading the message of Liberty and winning elections. Justin Amash learned this first had […]

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