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Judge Napolitano: Enough Evidence to Justify About Three or Four Articles of Impeachment

With the House Judiciary committee impeachment hearings beginning tomorrow many are wondering if there is enough evidence to proceed with impeachment of President Trump. Last week Libertarian legal scholar Andrew Napolitano gave an interview with Reason.com and says there is enough evidence on three or four articles to […]

Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired From Fox News? Austin Petersen Breaks Down the News

News broke last night that Fox News has pulled Judge Napolitano from its network for comments he made about the Trump wiretap claim. Sr. Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been placed on INDEFINITE suspension in light of unverified comments he made regarding the Obama administration allegedly spying […]

Judge Andrew Napolitano Meets With President-Elect Trump for a Second Time

Judge Andrew Napolitano was seen again meeting with President-Elect Trump in Trump Tower this morning. Speculation centered around the Supreme Court vacancy has everyone on high alert, and the idea of the Judge meeting for a second time with Trump has Libertarians on edge that their dream might […]

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